A Spiritual Training Program

Spiritual Cleansing Resolving the past brings in the new life of Christ.

Discovering Ministry It’s very important to know what ministry each member of Christ is called to. There is great healing found by investing time and effort into this to become established.

Listen to God’s Voice People could be amazed how much God is speaking about all aspects of life. With this it's much easier to cooperate with what He is actively doing and wants to be done.

Ministry Friendships Everyone needs friends that are interested in what is happening in a growing friendship with God. The best of these is a helper for God’s plans and purposes on the ground.

Evangelism Ministry There is a truth that when we move with what we know and what we can do God makes His word alive and real. What better for this to happen by getting involved in evangelism. It will set the day to focus on being a minister that the world desperately needs.

The Supernatural Ministry Praying for people for physical healing is not an end in itself but is a way to get people’s attention on God. Stepping out in one's authority is a great way to bring healing to oneself as well as to have a more complete conviction that Jesus is real and wants to help.

Ideally, God needs time with people to really get to know about the good news and how it can be applied practically to life.

Every Christian is a very capable minister that needs to be seen. With evangelism training your church can experience a powerful change.

Now an extensive coursebook is available for all ministry sessions.

New Course is ready for publishing. It should really fill a void in the Body of Christ about what exactly to do for a real experience of God.


Insight into the spiritual realm

Description of how the Good News works

Step 1        Essentials to Know God

Step 2        Cleansing the Heart Issues

Step 3        Developing a Forgiving Spirit

Step 4        Dealing with the Past Life

Step 5        Knowing the Word of God

Step 6        Listening to God’s Voice

Step 7        Missed and Lost Connections

Step 8        Working for God

Step 9        Spiritual Friendships

Step 10       The Power of Words

Included are in-depth discussions about some of the stories of the Bible to explain the above.

Please contact this ministry for further details.

Writing Project website:

A book is ready for publishing explaining stories of the Bible, getting the church active in ministry and a fresh vision for the church. It brings out a depth of understanding God's heart and compliments the coursebook. It can be told about now as John McCarthy is available to spend time with your church congregation or for visits.